February, 2018

Already a month in to 2018, you might be wondering “what has the team been up to?” Check back here for monthly updates and you can be among the first to hear about the most exciting developments as the Fourth Wall becomes reality!

After a short holiday hiatus, we are thrilled to kick off the new year with the announcement of our Fiscal Sponsorship from Springboard for the Arts! As our fiscal sponsor, Springboard opens up so many opportunities for fundraising and networking. They also provide educational, legal, and fiscal support.

As a team we’ve been meeting weekly to finalize our business plan, other documentation, touch base on community meetings and networking, develop our social media strategy, hunt for property, and of course, developing our fundraising strategy and writing grants!

We’ve been researching and applying for various arts-focused grants: including in the public sphere such as through the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, the MN State Arts Board, and the MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund; as well as in the private sphere such as the McKnight Foundation and the Bush Foundation. Members of the team have attended workshops on grant applications and fiscal development. In general we’re pretty excited to learn about all of these various steps! It is invigorating to be part of one of the leading communities in the nation that allocates so much public and private funding towards the arts!

We don’t know yet know where our first home is going to be, but we’ve been exploring and highlighting the opportunities in the Metro of our Fair State. We’ve been working with a local real estate and business leader to identify listings and types of available space along the University Corridor, Northeast, Near North, Midway, and Lowertown neighborhoods.

We participated in a prioritization exercise which has helped us identify a clear sense of what we can provide including: co-working space, small- medium- and large- rehearsal rooms, as well as the space for facilitating other community activities including lounges and low-key performance spaces.
We want to hear your voice on this. If you still haven’t filled out our initial space survey, please do so!

Community Networking!
We’ve been leveraging our contacts from our combined decades of professional and artistic networking to develop conversations, generate excitement about the Fourth Wall, and clarify our mission and goals.
We want to hear from you! Reach out to us at hello@fourthwallmsp.org with anything you want to share, or reach out to one of our team members in person or on social media!

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